Welcome to my website

On this website i will publish my photographs and all relevant information of my collections. My collections are divided into 3 main theme's: Military Aircraft, Tanks & Second World War History and Metal detecting.
The Metal detecting collection will consist of 1500-1900 subjects but also of reports which are related to the other two main themes.

For more information about the 3 main themes i would like to refer to the page
'My collections'. On this page i will also explain when i started these collections and to which depth my research goes.

The content of this website will be expanded on a regular base.
It will take much time to sort the photographs and information dated since 1988 and add these to this website. Some (older) photographs also need to be scanned first.
On the themes main pages all reports in parentheses - for instance (Coins) - are still work in progress and will be added when completed.

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15-07-19 07:32:33
Danke fur der Tausch. Warum gibt es keine Bilder Ihre panzer Sammlung drauf? (Sie sind sehr interessant) mit freundlichen grüßen
Hi Alexander; thank you too! I will place my photographs online in the (near) future - need to make them somehow 'copy-proof' still :) Regards
Werner vD
09-07-19 08:39:39
Very nice website, many interesting themes. Interesting rare aircraft photographs. Good historical information.
Thank you very much Werner


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