Vechten onder de Zon

My grandfather, Cor Boer, never told much about his life as a Dutch soldier in the East Indies. It was known to his family that he suffered a lot during these times; he survived fighting the Japanese during World War 2, the Japanese POW camps and the guerrilla warfare combat in Indonesia after the war. This was all we knew.

After he died in 1998 he left an old album with photographs, a scrapbook with documents and several medals and decorations. My father gave these to me to look in to. I was intrigued about what i found and started writing down all information about his documents. Putting these in chronological order resulted in his entire history as a soldier.

I started my research in 2015 and ended it in 2018. Resulting in an almost 400 pages counting document which i named 'Vechten onder de Zon' - which means 'Fighting beneath the Sun'. Which literally refers to his physical and mental struggle beneath the hot Asiatic sun and figuratively refers to the forced labor and pain he was submitted to by the Japanese empire which used a Rising Sun flag as symbol.

The chapters in which i divided the story give a good indication about the content: 

1. Army service in Holland and transition to the East Indies before World War 2

2.World War 2, fighting against Japanese forces in the Bandung area; supplemented by a combat report in which Cor Boer is mentioned

3. Prisoner of War camps; Singapore, Thailand (Siam-Birma death railway - also known by the bridge over the River Kwai), Saigon

4. Liberation, First Vietnam war, Prins Bernhard Bataljon

5. History about the 'Politionele Acties' (Police Actions)

6. Service as interim Marine soldier in the Riouw archipelago

7. On leave in Holland

8. Back to the East Indies

9. Demobilisation of the K.N.I.L. and return back to Holland

10. After war service in Holland

This book is composed of:

*160 original photographs of Cor Boer                                                         *large amount of documents of Cor Boer                                                      *From beginning to the end narrated by his 'Staat van Dienst' ('State of Service'), from which all dates are expanded into stories and information                      *supplemented by many photographs and drawings to 'visualize' the story  *Information and documents gathered from archives like the NIMH and National Archives                                                                                                 *Stories and information published or given by other veterans or historians           * the book is written in Dutch

This book is for sale on for €27,99 (black/white version)

To give an impression about the book: