Walter Gotschke drawing 1

A framed, original print dating from 1942(!) made by Walter Gotschke.    

Walter Gotschke was an artist who served in a propaganda unit in the German army. He was attached to a panzer division, which fought in operation Barbarossa all the way to Leningrad, and made drawings of the ensuing battles. 

His work was published by the art publisher Jupp Daehler (Berlin) in 1942 by order of the OKH (German Army high command). After World War 2 Walter Gotschke would be well known for his artistic paintings and drawings of Formule 1 / Grandprix races. Several large automobile brands would hire him to create advertising campaign posters.

This specific work depicts a dramatic scene in which an advancing armored halftrack fights its way through enemy occupied streets. ‘Panzergrenadiere’ can be seen firing their rifles and MG’s from this halftrack. One soldier is even throwing a grenade.