German Medal Case

Unique and custom made case with 1957 type German World War 2 medals. This set consists of 3 medals and a photograph copy of an elite "Wiking" division German soldier.

During the Battle for Korsun (commonly known as the “Cherkassy”-pocket) a large force of German troops were encircled by Russian armies. The German forces were largely outnumbered. Among these was the “Wiking”-division which was the only real mobile unit. All other encircled division were already badly depleted. “Wiking” engaged a fighting retreat towards the German forces in the West which were trying to break through the Russian encirclement in order to rescue their comrades.

The entire pocket moved towards the West and after suffering heavy casualties the surviving German forces broke free. “Wiking” was the central force in these battles.

Included in this casing are the: 

-1957 ‘Nahkampfspange’ – Close Combat Clasp; rewarded to soldiers who fought man-to-man during at least 10 consecutive days and had proven their courage in doing so. Combat using (fixed) bayonets, knives, shovels and on top of enemy tanks(!) were among the valid criteria.

-1957 ‘Infanterie Sturmabzeichen’ – Infantry Assault Medal; rewarded to infantry who participated in at least 3 different successful frontline assaults and took part in the actual fighting – proving their worth as hardened infantry soldier. Successful reconnaissance parties and counter-assaults were also counted as valid.

-1957 ‘Eisernes Kreuze 2 e Stufen’ – Iron Cross 2nd Class; the iron cross was rewarded to soldiers who performed an individual act of (great) courage which surpassed their normal tasks.  

All three medals could directly be connected to the Battle for Korsun and the “Wiking”-division. Making this a realistic historical and complete collection casing.