During my collecting i also got hold of some special items, of which a couple already have been sold again.

German rounds, belt buckles, Erkennungsmarken. All of these have already been sold. This were metal detecting finds which i could buy for a very cheap price.
Since i did not find them myself, and can not determine the exact battle area in which they were found, i sold them again.

German helmet. Same story as above - i had the ability to buy this for a really low price and sell it again for a higher price.

MP40 metal detecting find. A completely rusted MP40 hold together by new bolts&nuts and painted black again. A real interesting piece of history. Being one of the first real 9mm machine pistols and the very first with a folding strut.
Although this specimen is completely not usable i learned it was forbidden to own one anyway - so i discarded it again.

SA Dagger parts. These daggers have high prices on the sales market. I managed to buy single parts from all over the world and assemble them. It is very obvious when a dagger is assembled and prices will therefore not be higher than the sum of the loos e parts. Since my other collections needed more funding i sold these again.

Panzer 38(t) track. An original piece of track of the Czech made Skoda 38 tank.
Again, sold to support my other collections. For reference i added two photographs of a Panzer 38(t) which i made at the Panzer Museum Munster.

A very interesting and rare find on the market: a complete and original manuscript of the diary of a German World War 2 soldier.
As far as i can find this has not been published before. This is the story of a communications soldier which fought in the Gebirgsjager Division 1 - 1st Mountain Division - "Edelweiss". It is his complete day-to-day diary which ends in the Balkan 1944. He has supplemented his story with his(or comrades) photographs made during their travels/fighting and maps.
Such a manuscript has several possibilities. I have not decided yet what to do with it.