Photo set US 'Greyhound'

A photo set coming from an American M8 'Greyhound' Armored reconnaissance vehicle (6x6) crew.
This set consists of 7 photographs with one specific crew. Interesting about this set is that these almost seem to come from a Hollywood Movie - the crew have a 'tough' Master Sergeant leading and they are proudly showing off a Swastika marked battle trophy!

The entire setting is Mediterranean. Some palm trees are visible. Also buildings which seem to have a European construction.
M8 'Greyhound's were produced between 1943 and 1945. During 1943 the North African campaign was lost by the Germans. Judging the palm trees and European style buildings these photographs will most likely be made in Sicily/Sardinia, Italy or Southern France.

The unit is not possible to determine. M8 'Greyhound's were added to reconnaissance platoons of many Infantry and Tank divisions.

All depicted scans are slightly smaller than the original photographs.
The original photographs are much sharper - scans are digitally enhanced.

Tankcrew posing in their clean uniforms - this photograph was not taken during combat actions, the Greyhound gun has also a cover.
Posing before the Greyhound is a Staff Sergeant in full ornament with gun holster under his left arm. On top from left to right: a soldier with no visible rank (private), a Tech.Sergeant, Technician 5th grade (Corporal) and bearly visible a fifth soldier next to the Greyhound wearing a Top Hat and holding a M1A1 Carbine.
Notably the Greyhound depicted here shows wear.
Surroundings, trees, brick buildings are definitely European.

Same tankcrew posing with their Greyhound. The pistol of the Staff Sergeant is clearly visible in this photograph. The unranked soldier has been replaced with a second Technician 5th grade (Corporal). The Tech.Sergeant has been replaced with the soldier wearing a Top Hat en aiming with his M1A1 Carbine.

The private from previous photographs on top of a Greyhound. This Greyhound is named 'CLYDE'. In the back buildings and a church are visible.

Same private on top of Greyhound 'CLYDE' this time aiming with the mounted .50 cal gun. On the reardeck are ammunition boxes visible. The engine compartment hatches are open.

Two pictures most likely made earlier than the previous photographs. The Staff Sergeant is posing in his tank top (! this is were the name 'tank top' originates from!) next to a colleague holding a metal piece with a swastika!
Laundry is hanging on the left side background of this photograph, the left private wears a clean uniform, Greyhound gun is covered and barbwire on top of a wall can be seen in the background. Photograph likely taken during a combat pause/rest&refit time.
Also (Mediterranean) palm trees visible in the background.