My collection of history books ranges from the Roman Empire, Napoleon Wars, Prussian Wars, World War 1&2 to Modern Wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Georgia, etc.).
Most books are of the World War 2 era. Besides history books i also have some special edition books and (auto) biographies.

I have several books which have something special about them.
This is one of these books. I had email contact with one of the last remaining living Knights Cross holders, sir Otto Carius. He died in 2015.
Before he died he signed his autobiography for me:

Another very interesting and rare piece i also described in 'Special Collection' - although i think it also belongs here:

A very interesting and rare find on the market: a complete and original manuscript of the diary of a German World War 2 soldier.
As far as i can find this has not been published before. This is the story of a communications soldier which fought in the Gebirgsjager Division 1 - 1st Mountain Division - "Edelweiss". It is his complete day-to-day diary which ends in the Balkan 1944. He has supplemented his story with his(or comrades) photographs made during their travels/fighting and maps.
Such a manuscript has several possibilities. I have not decided yet what to do with it.