Tanks in Town - Mons

To commemorate the liberation of the city in 1944 by the 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the 3rd U.S. Armored Division "Spearhead", Tanks in Town organizes each year a tremendous concentration of armored vehicles.

Shermans, Chaffees, Pershings, Tank Destroyers, Half Tracks, Armored Cars, but also Jeeps, Trucks and many others will peacefully invade the historic center of the city of Mons.

In 2009 i attended this meeting. I made three photoshoots on the same day; one in the open Field where all vehicles were being prepared for a major reenactment assault, one photo shoot made during this reenactment assault and a final photo shoot of all vehicles passing through the village of Hyon towards Mons.

On the official website you can find all history, information and dates about this event:  http://www.tanksintown.be