Volkel Airshow 14 june 2019 "Luchtmachtdagen"

The previous Dutch 'open dag' was held in 2016 Leeuwarden. 2018 the show was cancelled due to lack of personnel and funds.

2019 brought the KLu back as good as possible: two Dutch F35's touched Dutch soil since 2016 and even flew during the Airpower demonstration and with a Spitfire and F16 as KLu Heritage flight. With no more Dutch demo teams (no F16 and no Apache) the show was still a good performance for current standards.

Heritage Viggen, Draken, Spitfire and Mustang flew among others; Patrouille de France, Red Arrows and Patrouille Suisse gave act-de-presence. Special performances were done by a C27J, C17A and T346. Danish and Belgian F16's, an Eurofighter and JAS39C gave fighter demonstrations. On the static flightlines Greek Phantoms and F35's were present. Many aircraft flew from the static line so these jets could be photographed very closely.