2001 Hopsten - exercise Clean Hunter (28-06-2001)

During exercise Clean Hunter 2001 i visited Hopsten. JG72 was still flying with its F4F Phantoms. Besides these 4 Turkish F4E's of 112Filo were on temporary duty to participate in the exercise - decorated with authentic sharkmouths.

Clean Hunter was a NATO exercise held over the airspace of northern Europe and northern France. All NATO members participated. All over this region many aircraft executed combat training missions.

On this day i also observed (not photographed...) a combat flight of 2 F15's & 1 B1B & 2F15's & 1 B1B flying low level, high speed in the south. Besides these i also saw several Tornados, a PD808, other F16's, an E3 and a pair of A10's.

Next to all these movement our own Dutch Twenthe squadrons, 313sq & 315sq, were stationed at Hopsten. If i recall correctly this was because of the runway overhaul at Twenthe.