1994 RAF Fairford - Royal International Air Tattoo

Fairford 1994 was my first RIAT and largest airshow which i ever attended at that time. At the time there was an abundance of interesting aircraft and in retrospect even more…. The list is too long to describe – I will try a very small sum up: 

*1994 was the ‘40years Hercules’ celebration. Therefore many countries sent one of their Hercules aircraft; most notable participants were Australia, New Zealand, Chili, Brazil, Malaysia, Oman and Jordan.
The US sent a lot of interesting Hercules sub types like the AC130A, EC130H, HC130H, HC130N, HC130P, LC130H, MC130E, KC130F and KC130T-30.
All RAF Hercules types were present with the most interesting being the Hercules W2.

*This airshow saw a Russian Tu142 Bear sharing static together with an American B52H. Something not imaginable during the Cold War or even anno 2017… 

In this era many nowadays retired aircraft types were still operational like Spanish AV8S Matadors, French & Italian Atlantiques, French Super Frelon, Swedish Lansen & Drakens, German Navy Do25 Skyservant, the US with an HQ USEUCOM UH1H , Patrouille Suisse with their Hunters and the Dutch Grasshoppers with their Alouette III’s.
The British were represented by one or more operational Canberra, Chipmunk, Harrier, Jaguar, Nimrod, Tristar, VC10, Wessex, Buccaneer, Harvard, Hunter (ETPS), Comet 4C and Concorde aircraft.

And much more… if interested in the entire log I would refer to the www.scramble.nl Showreports section.