1992 Volkel - exercise Ample Train

The exercise Ample Train Volkel 1992 was meant to practice cross servicing abilities of NATO partners.
During this exercise the old 'Dutch' Wolfhound Eagles still existed. The French were flying Mirage 5F's and the Italians participated with desert c/s Tornado's fresh from the Gulfwar.
A good old Hopsten Phantom was also present together with an everlasting NATO AWACS.
The first 4 photographs (from the Volkel 'Safaripark') were taken by a British friend of mine which was a groundcrew member of the (also participating) 4sq Harrier GR7's - of course he did not take any pictures of his own aircraft... (too bad)
I also added some uncropped photo's which i made with a standard analogue camera without a telephoto lens. Just to show how low and close by the aircraft came during landing at Volkel runway 06L/R. Nowadays the perimeter fence covers the entire field shown on the photograph with the landing Eagle.