1951-1953 Korean war US Aircraft Carriers

I managed to obtain three Korean war (1950-1953) US aircraft carrier photograph sets which I would like to share. Many of the big changes made after world war 2 which resulted in modern warfare originated from the Korean war. Using old types of aircraft carriers and propeller aircraft these were gradually changed into carriers with angled decks and jet based aircraft. Many tactics and strategies were also adapted to this new cold war era, in which this war was one of the few in which American forces were directly engaged with Russian forces.

These three sets were made by persons which held different tasks at three different carriers: an arresting gear crewmember working on the flight deck of the USS Princeton, an electrician working the generators aboard the USS Antietam and an administration/operations member working in the main tower of the USS Oriskany. Besides photographs of their working stations they all made some interesting aircraft photographs. The person aboard the USS Oriskany also made some photographs of F2 Banshee jets.

Pioneering different tasks aboard carriers the Korean war aircraft wings consisted of the first type of helicopters (HO-3S) used as SAR, the first types of airborne AEW aircraft (AD4W Skyraider) and the first carrier based jet aircraft (F9F Panthers). Besides these several squadrons of fighter-bombers, attack, night attack and night fighters complemented the aircraft wing.

 USS Princeton CV-37

USS Antietam CV-36

USS Oriskany CV-34