Photo reports are sorted by year. Some years contain maps which do not have photographs uploaded yet - these maps are in parentheses.


During this hobby i started using a digital camera since 2004. All photographs made between 1988 and 2004 are originally made by analogue camera - most of the time even without a telephoto lens. Therefore these photographs have a low quality - but they are not less interesting.
Even these days i don't use a camera of very high quality; a Canon 500D with a 300mm Tamron lens.

For showreports, information about airfields (international), movements, order of battles, expactations, airfield forums etc. etc. i would like to redirect to a general  website which is well known and much consulted by everyone in this community.
I myself was subscribed since 1988 (before the internet people used magazines and books for their information :) )

Celebrating 30 years of military aircraft enthusiasm in 2018! My first airshow was Deelen 75 years KLu in 1988.

Coincidentally the squadron in which i serve also celebrates its 30 years of existence: the 131 EMVO squadron KLu (Royal Netherlands Air Force)

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