During my battlefield searches i came across several pieces of live ammunition. Some dug up by others and some (acidentaly) by myself. By experience i learned to recognize different pieces by metal detecting signals and, if necessary, how they feel by touch while still buried.

These are examples of some of these pieces:

Canadian .303 Enfield live ammo (clip on the left, 2 bullets already separated from the five while digging) (example for reference in the middle)

German K98 live bullet

K98 live bullet, close up of unused primer

German Model 39 egg-handgrenade (example for reference to the right)

Canadian handgrenade

German 81mm mortar grenade (example for reference to the right)

Live round, either light artillery or tank, left by others on the surface. Police contacted.

Similar kind of live ammunition piece, this time uncovered by myself just beneath the grass.

Large Canadian QF25-pounder grenade. Contacted police for EOD.

Examples of driving/rotation copper band fragments; the bands are from left to right increasing in size. The upper photographs shows the outside parts of the bands with the barrel grooves impressed. The lower photographs show the insides of the bands which were pressed into the grenade.

Fragments showing setting numbers

A brass fuse part with arming rings still intact