Silver Coins & Silver relics

Since silver is one of those precious metals (gold is the other one) that has a 'special' meaning when found, i made this a complete separate subject.
I started searching for coins and antiquities in 2017 so my private collection is not very large (yet). Nevertheless i would like to share my first silver findings.


25 cents 1848 Willem II

10 cents 1889 Willem III

25 cents 1896 Wilhelmina

10 cents 1897 Wilhelmina

10 cents 1914 Wilhelmina

Really nice about the 10 cents is the fact that the 1897 coin has Wilhelmina as a child depicted on it - the 1914 coin has Wilhelmina as an adult.

10 cents 1913 Wilhelmina

 1 gulden 1957 Juliana
Dutch guldens were made of silver until 1967.

 (half) 2 stuivers 161.. Overijssel (Trasisulania = 'over de IJssel')
The 2 stuivers piece has the same value as a total of 16 (2x8) Duiten.
For comparison a photographs of a complete 2 stuivers piece:

(small piece) Arendschelling Kampen - early 17th century
The schelling has a worth of 6 stuivers, so 48 Duiten.
For comparison a photographs of a complete schelling:


A so called (end)piece of an 'oorijzer' - a hair ornament for traditional Dutch garment worn by women.

The steel of silver cutlery. The marks on its back were still visible so this piece of silver could be dated back to 1856-1861.


A small silver figure with a string instrument.
All marks are readable and traces this figurine back to silversmith 'Leesener' which made these between 1958-1988 (Amsterdam). Not very old but a nice find!

A silver brooch with no marks. I had an expert take a look at it and he assured me that this is silver. Brooch construction can be seen on the backside.
The front depicts a flower with black enamel around it. Most likely this can be dated 19th century / early 20th century (?). Other finds on the field were i found this were dated from the 17th century until the 19th century.