Lead bullets / loden kogels

To get a better insight into lead bullets a general history review of the rifle is needed.

(1420) The first rifle like weapon appeared early 15th century when the Arquebus (haakbus) was invented. The arquebus was merely an iron pipe which set on a wooden frame which could be attached by a hook on a castle wall - hence the name 'haakbus' ('hook-pipe'). Bullets were large lead rough objects - hard to identify as real bullets.The gunpowder was ignited by hand(!).

Later on a handgun version of the Arquebus was invented alongside the first construction of an actual trigger. 

(1520) The Musket was introduced early 16th century. It had a smooth bore and was muzzle loaded. It had round lead bullets, a trigger and was able to penetrate heavy armor. 

Onward many inventions were introduced - like the matchlock, flintlock and snaphance. The internet is full of explanations and info of these. 

(1850) Mid 19th century the musket became the rifle. The round lead bullets shifted to more bullet shaped lead bullets. These were breech loaded (like the bolt action type shown below) and cartridges were also introduced. 

The powder ignition first used paper cartridges. Later on these became metal cartridges with percussion caps as we know them nowadays. Also the first repeating rifles were invented.

When we have a better understanding of these weapon types it is easier to determine what kind of lead bullets we find.

Odd shaped large lead objects are early Arquebus like weapons.
Round lead bullets are musket bullets - the early types having molding marks.
The 'bullet' shaped lead bullets are 19th century type rifles.