Crash site T-33A M-46 Whiskey Four

The 8th of june 1965 was a black day for the Royal Netherlands Air Force demonstration team "Whiskey four". This day two of their four Lockheed T-33A's crashed during an airshow. From one of these two T-33A's, the M-46, we managed to locate the crash site. All final items which remained are recovered by us.

Above the M-46; for reference of the used colour scheme i posted a picture of the M-37 below.

These were all the items we found and traced back to which aircraft component they belonged. We used the T-33 IPC and photographs to determine these items.

Of course we also found many very badly damaged parts which couldn't be determined anymore. Besides these we found several cockpit switches and hose clamps which could be located on different aircraft parts.

A lot of parts were heavily rusted. For some of these i used an electrolysis bath.
I used a solution of water/baking soda and a DC power supply. Connected the negative pole with the rusted item in the centre of the bath and the positive pole to four large iron bolts in the corners.