Crash site Spitfire PR

By chance we found an area littered with small (light weight metal pieces.
After recovering a lot of small debris we noticed some being marked by numbers.
Besides this we also found some more interesting small parts. After we researched all part numbers, made inquiries about the small parts and studied all possible crashed aircraft in the area we came to the conclusion that we found the crash site of Spitfire Mk IV PR (for private reasons we keep the serial number for ourselves).

About the Spitfire PR

About 1PRU

The debris and items we found were again the final small pieces left in the entire area. We are lucky that we found these and this is how we managed to identify this aircraft type:

1. Numbers found on small pieces of aluminum.

300 08 2063

(GBW 120)

BE 572    ….. 605

300 08 4085

(OV 150)


300 20

SHTI11 78

(6S 240)

The complete numbering system is British style. In these the '300 ...' series were specifically used for Spitfire parts. Factory stamps are also in British style.

2. Besides debris and parts with no coating at all we found yellow coating (primer) and several with a blueish coating. The only blue Spitfires used were of the photo reconnaissance 'PR' type.

3. We found  two parts used in Spitfires. To the left a bay lock which was used on several doors on the Spitfire. To the right an oxygen coupling with a arrow on it (oxygen flow) and a mark 'AM' with a crown (British).

4. Most likely our TOP find was a (outside) Air Temperature gauge plate which was not used on Spitfires except the 'PR' type!

Besides the above finding we also found many loose rivets, nuts, many thick pieces of light weight metal - a lot of them with black paint on one side - believed to be engine casing, some (round shaped) plastic pieces - most likely cockpit instrument pieces and some electrical / wire parts.